Thoughts From a Grateful Husband and Father on Father’s Day

Thoughts From a Grateful Husband and Father on Father’s Day

So here we are again, thankfully celebrating another Father's Day.

My dad passed away over 35 years ago and I still miss him.

He was my best friend.

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Today though I want to share a few thoughts about being a father to our own children, Lauren, and Bryan.

For me, being a father meant, with a child, I had I had true responsibilities starting around age 28.

In all honesty, and thankfully, it certainly was a team effort. (and I was definitely the junior  partner much of the time) 

It was my wife Boni and my responsibility to raise Bryan and Lauren, keep them fed and  sheltered, and give them the best moral guidance we could.

It was our responsibility to share our religion with them but not to force it on them. (eventually)

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Why Reputation Management Matters

Why Reputation Management Matters

This simple video is the easiest way I know to explain why Reputation Management Matters for your business.

Why Reputation Management Matters

As we enter 2015 Online Reputation Management is becoming more and more important.

Why Reputation Management Matters

No doubt, you've seen sites where people place and read reviews about everything from professionals, such as doctors, lawyers,  accountants, to small businesses, and restaurants.

Online reviews are virtually all over the web, and much of the time, the public has more insight about what people are saying about your business, than the busy professional or business owner.

Most people consider their reputation vital to their name and good will.

Yet unfortunately they aren't fully aware of what the public are saying about them online.

Negative reviews can lead to many thousands of dollars of lost business.

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