Coronavirus Statistics By Country

Updated April 9, 2020 5:00 PM EDT

Why am I Posting Coronavirus Statistics? *

First off, I am not a scientist. I own a small business and am purely a concerned citizen.

But after having been absorbed by coronavirus statistics for the last few weeks, I started to notice that there were very few sources of information on how various countries were doing statistically, not just in the number of cases, but more significantly in how many, and what percentage of people were passing away (mortality rate) on a country by country basis. My thought is, that would show how well each country was treating the people that ended up being infected.

I also wasn’t seeing any statistics on how many tests were being done on a country by country or per capita basis per country.

So I started gathering the data daily, calculating the mortality rate per country, and then putting it in a spreadsheet, and sorting the results based on the Mortality Rate, which made it much easier to see the countries that are doing well, vs. the others.

I then started sharing the spreadsheet with a suitable explanation.

People seemed to like having the info available at a glance.

Eventually, I decided to put them on my website, as that way I don’t have to explain them in detail every time I post the results.

To be fair, by putting it on my site just makes it a bit simpler to share.

Coronavirus Statistics and Mortaility Rate – The Results

The results so far have been very interesting, and very tragic, as the overall Mortality Rate is now exceeding 4%.

A few weeks ago we were being told that the Mortality Rate was only 2% or less, and in some cases people were inacurately diminishing the serious nature of the coronavirus by reporting that the rate was similar to Influenza, which is approximately .1% or approximately 40 times lower than the current mortality rate.

Another very significant piece of information that sorting the Coronavirus Statistics by Country,  the way we have shows, that the Mortality Rate of Coronavirus is highly variable on a country by country basis.
Quite frankly, some countries are doing a marvelous job in their treatment of coronavirus, and achieving a very low death rate, and others are really struggling.

The factors of this are beyond my scope, as I am not a medical professional.

Also some countries have recently been ravaged by war and had infrastractuctures destroyed which could seemingly hinder their ability to respond.

However, one thing to note is the economic might of a country does not seem to be a factor to date on overall success or failure in treating coronavirus.

Some very poor countries are doing quite well and some welthy nations, in the G7 or G20 are struggling and even among the worst.

Some countries that currently are having exceptional results in treatment are Germany, Austria, and Norway. It would certainly be helpful if their best practices were being shared with the other countries or with the World Heath Organisation as they are truly outsanding results.

I am reporting but not assessing the number of cases of Coronavirus by country, as I feel that many countries based on slow or inadequate testing don’t really know how many cases they have, and some autocratic countries simply may not be telling the truth.

So I am basing my Coronavirus Mortality rate statistics simply based on the number of deceased, divided by the number of reported cases.

One would think that would give a fair reading on how effective the treatment of known cases has been in a given country.

Everything I am doing here is purely based on that calculation.

Please note: I update the Coronavirus Statistics by Country spreadsheet and page every day at 9 AM EDT and 5 PM EDT with the latest data.                                                                                                                                                  *Date Sources:  WorldMeters

Best Wishes to you and your family in this challenging time,

Patrick M. Batty


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