We like fixed price agreements and we think our clients do too.

Billing for SEO can be somewhat complicated but we make it simple.

There typically is an initial charge for all of the work needed to be undertaken in the first month, as well as an ongoing subscription for our monthly services.

Our services are truly customized for each client, so we don't just sell packages on our website, and there is usually quite a bit of research to undertake.

Each client's needs, marketplace, competition, and service areas differ, which makes some projects much more time consuming and extensive than others.

So as a result, when we are asked how we bill and what we charge for a project, after some detailed research, we present our client our pricing for their service. This way we can adjust our pricing to bill only for what we need, and not inflate our prices the way some pre-defined bundled packages seem to be.

Once we have done this estimate, if the client wishes to proceed, we take a deposit, ( the first month's fee) and get started.
The rest is billed as an ongoing monthly subscription.

Every month on an ongoing basis, we deliver an updated Search Engine Ranking Report to show the improvements we have accomplished in the previous month and from the project initiation


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