If you are a business or service and offer your products specifically in your community it's probably important.

If you have competition, it's important.

How important would depend on how big your service area or community is, and how many competitors you have.

My community with a population of about 150K is medium-sized. However even in a medium-sized community, like Cambridge, Ontario, we have 4 distinct business districts.

We have some clients, that serve only this area, but have dozens and dozens of competitors. So SEO is important to them.

Additionally, many businesses work regionally,  In our case, the Waterloo region has 3 large cities and many surrounding towns and villages. So that makes it more challenging. But challenges can be overcome. That's where we come in. It's what we do.

We also have clients that provide products and services internationally, so they have hundreds of competitors. Good SEO is essential for them to be discovered in a crowded marketplace.

Usually the larger the service area, the more competition there is, and the more important it is.

However we do have some clients that only serve Cambridge, but they still have many dozens of competitors, so it's important to them too.

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