Local SEO is the process in both indexing and ranking businesses on various online Map Platforms, such as Google My Business ( Places and Maps) , Apple Maps and Bing My Business.

Quite often people;e are looking for businesses from Mobile devices, and many times, places of business have a specific address in one or more locations.

Similar to regular SEO, businesses typically want to rank above their competition on any Map listings and have their business listing PINNED on the Map.

In many cases, only the top 3 listings are displayed when someone searches for a specific type of business. This makes it very critical to rank in the top 3, or people won't see you.

The process of getting ranked in these situations involved making sure your business is listed on the various map platforms, actually Claiming your listing, from Google etc., and then optimizing your listing so you can rank above the competition.

We use a wide variety of Local SEO techniques to ensure our SEO clients rank high in these scenarios.

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