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Our Services

Website Design

Our custom website design begins by meeting to understand your needs and desires for your website, both short term and long.

We then give you a FIXED PRICE quotation and FIRM delivery date,  so there are no questions as to what will be delivered, when, and at what cost.

We've been doing this for years, have encountered most scenarios, and can handle most tasks knowing we've done something similar before.

Search Engine Optimization

There are over 20 million websites on the internet right now. So it's highly competitive to get exposure.

In the long term, the most cost-effective method to get exposure is to have your content rank high in the search engines, so people can find you when they are looking for a product or service you sell.

We use safe and secure white-hat methods to get your site ranked in the search engines as high, as quickly as possible.

Our feeling is, there's no point building a website if no one is going to see it.

And by delivering the search engines what they want for you to rank high, we aren't putting your site at risk.
See some common SEO FAQS here.



Ongoing Website Maintenance

We've yet to meet any business owner or organization that says they have a lot of time to maintain a website.

People are too busy doing their day to day business than to try to take that on too.


Some people try outsourcing the task to inexpensive workers around the globe.
But dealing with contractors around the globe and in different timezones can be a frustrating, time consuming task, for those that want to outsource.

We are based locally, right here in the Waterloo region, and we work regular hours, and best of all, we have decades of sales, marketing, and website experience.

We proactively maintain and update your site for you so you don't have to, and can normally implement any minor changes in an hour or two.  And better still, we do this for on a fixed monthly subscription fee for simplicity of  billing, payment and cost certainty for our clients.

Our Services – Web Design, Search Engince Optimization, Website Maintenance

At Cambridge Digital Marketing our services specifically are around custom website design and development, as well as search engine optimization and ongoing maintenance of websites.

We do all three because our philosophy is, it doesn't do a great deal of good to develop a great looking cool website for a small business, if no one is going to find it or see it.

And most business owners don't have the time to do ongoing maintenance and posting on their sites, or possibly the ability, so we do that too.

So normally we do all three, if that's what a prospective client wants.

If they already have a site, we can also just do the search engine work for them.

If they aren't concerned about search engine rankings, then we can just construct the website.

Our Services – Website Design

When a prospect approaches us about  designing a website, normally we sit down and chat about what they are looking for. What's the purpose of the site? What the target market is? And as for the overall design, because that is such a personal taste item, we ask them if possible, to share with us, a few sites they really like the design of, and that they think might be a look they would like for their own.

Once, we've had that discussion, we then figure out what pages would need to go on the site.

After we've had that clarified, we normally are in a position, where we can work out approximately how long it will take to develop.

Essentially we are defining scope of the work to be done, as well as the fixed price we would charge for the work.

We like quoting a fixed price based on the scope of the work as it removes the uncertainty for both sides.

Essentially we will deliver X for $Y and deliver it by a fixed timeframe.

People tend to like this. It's been working well for us and our clients for a number of years.

We can create wonderful sites appropriate for any type of business.

Our Services – Website Maintenance

Most small business owners, don't have the time or the know how to maintain their website.

For those situations, we also offer a range of services and service levels to maintain client's website for them. All service levels offer cost certainty and defined services for the client.

If a client wants to do it themselves, they are free to. You aren't locked into anything. It's just a matter of doing what is best for your business. 

Our Services – Search Engine Optimization

There is a lot of competition out there. I read recently that there may be over 100 Million websites in existence.

Even in your own community, I expect there are a number of competitors for whatever  business you are in.

Search Engine Optimization is the work involved in having Your Business and Your Website rank higher in the Search Engines than the competition.

There is a lot of work involved in doing this. And it's definitely not something the typical small business owner can undertake.

However it can be incredibly effective.

All our clients have experience big boosts to their web traffic and sales based on our services.

I recall one client telling me he actually Canceled his $10,000 per year advertising budget because he was getting so much business from the search engines for free, within a few months, based on the work we did. And he continues to use our services 6 years on.

Most search engine optimization projects entail and initial effort, and then an ongoing maintenance effort, in order to maintain search rankings.

Would you like to talk over a project that you are thinking of for your business, give Cambridge Digital Marketing a call, or contact us by email.

All of the details are here on our contact page.

We'd be excited to hear from you.