The Science of Search Engine Optimization

A lot of small business owners, when they hear about search engine optimization this of two this.

First they think of the pesky calls they get from people trying to sell then search engine optimization services. Most of these calls are from companies in far away countries, outside of Canadian laws, and with possibly shady or at least nebulous business practices.

The other thing, many small business owners think about is, first, how can they actually get ranked high in the search engines, next, what would they have to learn to do it themselves, or who could they get, that would be reliable, approachable, and affordable to do it for them.

I generally think about Search Engine Optimization as a science, and that's what I'm going to talk about.

The Science of Search Engine Optimization

Why we suggest search engine optimization is a science, is it typically is an ongoing series of repeatable steps.

The average small business owner usually wouldn't want to take the time to do them themselves, as it would take months of learning, the results would be hit or miss, and even potentially damaging to their business, and frankly the opportunity cost (the amount of money they could have earned doing their own business, with their own business expertise) can be quite high.

The Science of Search Engine Optimization

Typical Search Engine Optimization Steps for Small or Medium Business. – Cambridge Digital Marketing

That's why we've chosen to offer SEO Services to small and medium businesses.

Most don't have the expertise that we have.

Most have never done it before, or at least had any success with search engine optimization, and most companies want to deal with someone locally, that speaks their language, works in their time zone, or at a minimum works in their country.

We approach the science of Search engine optimization as a series of steps, that must be done over a period of time.

These steps are individual activities that must be carefully done, with a variety of tools, and in a variety of places.

The scientific part is that these steps are generally pretty consistent.

The only difference may be because of the nature of the business a company is in, an how competitive that type of business is, in the community that the client company serves.

If you feel you don't have the time or expertise to do these steps yourself, send us a message over on our contact page, and well be happy to see what we can do to help you out.