Is SEO important in my market?

Obviously, at this point, we don't know what market or niche your business or organization works in.
However, it's hard to consider a market that SEO / Search Engine Optimization doesn't apply to. No matter what sector your business or organization is in, you tend to want to have your website discovered and found by people looking for your product or service.
And a great ongoing cost-effective method of having your business or service discovered is through a well-constructed SEO program.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process in both indexing and ranking businesses on various online Map Platforms, such as Google My Business ( Places and Maps) , Apple Maps and Bing My Business.

Quite often people;e are looking for businesses from Mobile devices, and many times, places of business have a specific address in one or more locations.

Similar to regular SEO, businesses typically want to rank above their competition on any Map listings and have their business listing PINNED on the Map.

In many cases, only the top 3 listings are displayed when someone searches for a specific type of business. This makes it very critical...   Click Here to Read More

How Do You Bill For SEO?

We like fixed price agreements and we think our clients do too.

Billing for SEO can be somewhat complicated but we make it simple.

There typically is an initial charge for all of the work needed to be undertaken in the first month, as well as an ongoing subscription for our monthly services.

Our services are truly customized for each client, so we don't just sell packages on our website, and there is usually quite a bit of research to undertake.

Each client's needs, marketplace, competition, and service areas differ, which makes some projects much more time consuming and extensive than others.

So as a result,...   Click Here to Read More

MY website is fairly old, and not Mobile Device enabled. Will that affect my SEO?

Yes. More than half of all web searches are from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.
As a result, Google has announced that it will index using mobile enablement a core SEO ranking criteria.

All websites we build are mobile-enabled, and we can help you with this if it is a challenge for your business.

We've even managed to make old static HTML based website mobile-friendly, some of them are ranked in the search engines above all of their competition


Is SEO dead?

Far be it from being dead, SEO is ever-evolving

Certainly, there are other ways, such as paid advertising to bring people to see your website or business. But SEO continues to have a strong value proposition.

As for it being dead. No, Google has thousands of employees working on SEO. It is a core part of their business, and we feel, should be an important part of any business.

We have clients that have saved 10’s of thousands of dollars form their marketing budget because we were able to get them ranked first, or high on page one in the search engines.

We’ve...   Click Here to Read More