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At Cambridge Digital Marketing, we build websites for clients in and around our home base of Cambridge Ontario.

We've been building websites for more than 10 years, following a 30+ year career in the corporate technology sector. 

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We love website design, and elegant design.

But website needs differ for every type of business.

Website Designs Specific to Your Business

In some website design, for some businesses there is a focus on their services.

Website design for businesses such as restaurants, cafe's and bars, focus on their products, as well as a heavy emphasis on the mood and ambiance of their establishment. 

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Website design for tech companies often focus on their products benefits, features, and ease of use or implementation.

Dental practices website design often focuses on services, but also on their bright and friendly clinic and environment.

Hair studios often like to show their salon, but also a nice sample of current styles.

Naturally online stores primarily feature their products in their web design

It's really interesting how varied different business want to portray themselves.

Website design is fascinating that way.

Generally it's about projecting an image that is appropriate for your type of busines.

As well, much of the time, website design is about taking a number of complex ideas and notions, and assembling them using a variety of technology, with design principles and get the idea across easily and clearly to the reader or prospective client.

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This variety is what makes our work fun for us to do.

And the skills we have in website design, means we can build a great custom built website for any type of business, b or small.

If you are looking for a website designer in Cambridge, give us a call or contact us. We'd love to meet and trade ideas, have a coffee, and once we understand what you are looking for, we'll prepare a fixed price quote.

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Cambridge Digital Marketing
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