Blackwing Coffee Bar – My Office Away from the Office

Like many small businesses over the last decade or two, the trend has been to work from home, more and more, kind of like having your office away from the office.

And if you're a one or two person company, an office in your home may be all you ever need.

It's affordable, there's no commute, so it's convenient, and hopefully comfortable.

I've had offices in shared office centers, and even rented large offices in high-rise office buildings when it was necessary.

Both those were days when I had dozens or more people working for me in my corporate life.

Since I started Cambridge Digital Marketing in 2010, I pretty much do the most of the work on my own, and I use contractors occasionally, when a project either exceeds my time capacity, or more so, required some very specialized work, by another professional.

I have a very nice office in my house, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend $1000 to $1500 a month on rent, which would force me to raise the prices I charge my clients, in order to maintain a profit. There's just no point in that, in my particular circumstance. My thoughts, are an office won't really make me more revenue, so why sink in up to $18000 in unnecessary expense. It just makes sense.

But home offices and working at one's house does have its drawbacks. 

First off, you don't have as much regular interaction with others as many people would like.

That doesn't bother me that much. I'm highly motivated, work well with others, but also work just fine on my own.

But I find the main drawback of a home office, is when meetings are necessary.

Not many home offices are set up to host a group of people, including mine, and frankly some people are a bit uncomfortable coming into your home, and others are uncomfortable inviting people into their home. That's where a great coffee shop comes in handy.

Blackwing Coffee Bar

The new Blackwing Coffee Bar has become my office away from the office 

In just the first month or two after it opened, I've had meetings with clients, prospects, and a couple of get-togethers with friends there.

I find it a wonderful cafe.

Located on George St. just north of the Park Hill Bridge in Cambridge, for me it's only a 2 block walk south from my office, it's a spacious comfortable cafe, is ideal for having a nice chat, presenting some results, sharing ideas, and enjoying their delicious coffee and tasty treats at the same time.

It truly is my office away from the office

Would you like to talk over a project or ask me some questions about SEO, digital marketing or website design?

Give me a call, or drop me a note. All my info is here on my contact page.

and let's meet at the Blackwing, my office away from the office.

Coffee will be on me!