Tesla Opens Supercharger Station in Cambridge, Ontario

I was driving out of the Cambridge SmartCentres the other day, and I noticed that there was a new section, near the entrance on the North side of Pinebush Road, just west of Highway 24, in the parking lot near the Michaels Store.

Its what Tesla is calling it a Supercharger station, for charging electric vehicles.

It's the largest one of these I've seen so far, with about 15 separate charging stations.

These stations are designed for Tesla vehicles but it is my understanding there are adapters available for purchase to allow other brand vehicles, such as Nissan Leaf to use Tesla stations.

Tesla Supercharger Station in Cambridge

This area is just off Highway 401, Canada's busiest highway, at Highway 24, so I expect the capacity of this station is geared not just for local vehicles, but those coming off the 401 for a charge.

 Considering these have been built throughout North America, the investment by Tesla is massive.

I expect this is way over capacity at this point, but it looks like an interesting indication of things to come.

At this point there are two other electric vehicle charging stations on Cambridge,

One is at 25 Hespeler Road, and the other is behind the Region of Waterloo building on Main St. E, in downtown Cambridge. These two stations are under the ChargePoint Brand.

I wonder how many more will be popping up in the next few years.