The Time Has Come For Cambridge Go Trains

Premiere Wynne announces that Ontario will fund an $11 Billion Ultra High Speed rail from Toronto through Kitchener and London which is currently served by both VIA Rail and Go Transit. The $11 Billion is just phase one, BTW. The total cost is projected at $20 – 25 Billion. To put that in perspective, that's $1785.00 per capita, per Ontario resident. And that's if it comes in on budget.

It's About Time for Go Trains for Cambridge

She says faster trains will be important to build the high-tech community there, and to help Google, which is currently busing some workers from Toronto to Kitchener.
Go Transit, has also extended Go Train Service along the Lakeshore Go Line with more frequent trains and extended hours.
Faster trains are cool, but we still don't have ANY TRAINS AT ALL to Cambridge?

Why not help the thousands of tax paying citizens in Cambridge?  Cambridge is the largest city in Southern Ontario with ZERO rail service.
We have no Go Transit, no Via Rail, no Ultra High Speed Rail.
Not slow, medium, or fast trains to Toronto.
Were talking ZERO Service via rail.

Yet, as part of the Waterloo Region, Cambridge tax payers are contributing our share to pay for Kitchener / Waterloo's expensive (and many feel unnecessary) LRT.
This isn't a criticism of Kitchener and Waterloo. It is a criticism of our Ontario Governments, past and present.

It's a criticism of our Waterloo regional government, who continues to happily take our tax money but treat Cambridge with much less focus and attention, than it gives Kitchener and Waterloo.

Now, as part of Ontario, our tax dollars will have to pay our portion of this new $11 Billion rail project too.
And still, we get ZERO!!
We're not asking for $11 BILLION.
We're not asking for Ultra High Speed rail.
And frankly, Google doesn't need our help.

We're simply asking for Go Train service, to go along the Cambridge, Milton, Mississauga, Toronto corridor, and track improvement of 16 miles to facilitate it to come to Cambridge. The cost is in the millions, not the billions!

At a cost of about $30 million, the cost is about $2 per capita in Ontario.
Admittedly the benefits are not as great as the $1785 per capita high speed rail project. It does make one wonder, why $1785 is available, by $2 is not?

The city has the allocated land for parking, a station that with a bit of work could do quite nicely, and Cambridge council is all for it.

But still we wait for Ontario, GO Transit, and Metrolinx to even consider it. I agree with Wynne, that rail service will help build and expand a community.
But why is Cambridge, a community of about 150K being completely ignored, and had been ignored for 15 years on this.
That's how long our city has been trying to get rail service! 15 YEARS!

We have a community to build too!
What do we hear from our Government, Metrolinx, and Go Transit?
What do we hear from our Provincial and Federal politicians?
What do we hear from the Waterloo Region Council?
We NEED this message to spread.
Thanks very much
Patrick Batty

Cambridge Digital Marketing
GoToCambridge Initiative