Let's face it. Websites are critical for small business, and SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to get your site and business discovered, but there's a real website and SEO dilemma for small business owners in 2018.

Website and SEO Dilemma for Small Business Owners

The dilemma I see many small business owners go through has to do with time, knowledge, and keeping up to date with what the search engines want from you in order to keep your content rankings high enough for people to see it.

Google and the other search engines are constantly saying they want websites to give fresh new quality content on their websites if they are to rank the website's pages high in the search engines.

But what we've found is most small business owners don't have the time to create that content, or the knowledge on how to structure it so that it's presented in a form the search engines want.

Small-Business-616x260Over the last few years, social media became much more important for business, and also for SEO rankings. Yet that takes time too. Posting ongoing content to Facebook or Twitter, whereas maybe fun for some, it's considered to be a time drain for many.

How Can a Small Business Owner Deal with Web Design and SEO

What Google seems to forget is that people went into business, to do what they love, and to make money.

It's doesn't matter what their business is. They could be lawyers, dentists, hair salon owners, auto mechanics.

Regardless of the business people are in, that's their expertise. It isn't about building websites, or constantly feeding Google with whatever things their current search algorithm says is important at any given point on time. (it seems to change every 3 months or so)

People aren't in business to be experts at this. (Well, we are.. but most small business owners aren't.)

Google seems to forget, that most small business owners have enough on their plate than to have to take time to do all the things that Google wants.

Even Google get's itself confused, and they have thousands and thousands of $100K technical folks on staff.

The average small business owner doesn't have anyone, or maybe knows a guy who knows a guy.

Confusion is rampant for many small businesses. Claiming Places, Maps, Pages,  getting placed on directories,  and the list goes on and on.

So really, how can a small business owner deal with it.

Well, you probably know where I'm going with this.

The best way a small business owner can deal with this dilemma is to leave it to the professionals.

A reputable website and SEO firm makes it their business to keep up with what the search engines require.

They develop a systemized approach to the problem and implement the appropriate strategy to suit the client.

It's kind of like how I leave the legal, dental, and auto repairs to my professionals too. They know how to do that, and therefore I don't worry about those issues, I just turn to them when I need their services. It's obvious they can do a much better job at any of those things than we can.

On the other hand, when they need website or SEO services, they leave it to us, as that's our passion, that's our expertise, and we can do a much better at these things than they can.

Our main focus is website and search engine optimization, and we solve the website and SEO dilemma for small business owners.