This simple video is the easiest way I know to explain why Reputation Management Matters for your business.

Why Reputation Management Matters

As we enter 2015 Online Reputation Management is becoming more and more important.

Why Reputation Management Matters

No doubt, you've seen sites where people place and read reviews about everything from professionals, such as doctors, lawyers,  accountants, to small businesses, and restaurants.

Online reviews are virtually all over the web, and much of the time, the public has more insight about what people are saying about your business, than the busy professional or business owner.

Most people consider their reputation vital to their name and good will.

Yet unfortunately they aren't fully aware of what the public are saying about them online.

Negative reviews can lead to many thousands of dollars of lost business.

They even affect search engine rankings, as Google takes them into account more an more in the search engine ranking factors.

Because to the critical nature of Online Reputati0n, demand for Online Reputation Management has been growing exponentially in the last few years.

More an more small and large businesses are turning to professional Online Reputation Managers to both track, and in some cases, remedy online reputation reviews.